Students in an advanced class, begin the carving process with a knife. The bird is shaped first by hand, then details, such as musculature and feathers, will be completed with power carving tools.

When complete, the sculpture will be a full sized Belted Kingfisher, complete with extended wings.

Watch this space for updated pictures of the Kingfisher's progress!


Class is in session!

Have you ever wanted to take a block of wood and change it into something lifelike? Are you interested making a decoy? Would you like to learn the basics of wood carving and detailing?

Chris Murray was fortunate to have a grandfather with a talent he could pass along. Chris discovered that not all wood carvers are particularly helpful, and so he began offering help advice and eventually opening a school for "wannabe" carvers. After 30 or more years of teaching, he has started innumerable artists on their way to a rewarding hobby, and a greater appreciation of the grace and beauty of birds.

Since his relocation to Pennsylvania, Chris has reopened his carving school and has an ongoing schedule of classes for woodcarvers of all skill levels. Classes are held at Chris's shop in Kimberton, PA.

If you are interested in learning how to carve a bird, contact Chris Murray at:

Cell: 484.374.0677

Student's carving in progress...

Here is an example of a miniature Great Egret carved by one of Chris's beginning students. The bird was carved from a block of Basswood using hand tools and was detailed with a wood burning tool. Acrylic paint was used to complete the details.

student carving

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Sign up for a class at French Creek Carving School

Learn how carve detail and paint with Master Carver Chris Murray. We offer a variety of courses for beginners as well as advanced students. The studio is equipped with the most sophisticated tools on the market today. We take twelve students per session and offer two to four sessions a year. Each course runs six to eight weeks, two nights a week, three hours a night, from 7 to 10 pm. The cost of each course is $400.00. Most materials and supplies are included.

Please call Chris at 484.374.0677 or e-mail: for more information.

Thank you,

Bird carving class
Bird carving class
Bird carving class
Bird carving class
Chris Murray teaching bird carving class
Chris Murray Master Carver

Class Schedule

Fall Session Begins Tuesday, September 9, 2014. Downy Woodpecker on habitat setting.


CHRIS MURRAY Master Carver
(please note that the Studio address and mailing address are different)
106 W. Ruth Ave.
cell phone: 484.374.0677
106 W. Ruth Ave.
Phoenixville, PA 19460